Investigation of Self-Consistent Relativistic Microscopic Optical Potential

  • In Dirac-Brueckner calculations for nuclear matter,the average binding energy per nucleon versus density curve is not uniquely defined if coupling to anti-particle is neglected.According to the Hugenholtz-Van Hove theorem,a constraint requires that the nucleon separation energy equals to the fermi energy at saturation density.Choosing saturation energy as empirical value EB/A=-15.8MeV,the self-consistent calculation leads to the saturation density kf=1.41fm-1 and effective mass m*=0.52m,in compressive coefficient k=208MeV.Applying the first law of thermodynamics,self-consistent effective mass (real scalar potential) and the binding energy per nucleon as function of the nuclear density can be obtained.With the realistic nucleon-nucleon interaction (Bonn potential),the vector potential can be obtained from solving the RBBG equation,which weakly depends on the momentum.The cross section and spin observables of the nucleon-nucleus scattering are studied with this new self-consistent relativistic microscopic optical potential.
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